whoever made that post deleted the blog
So, it's been a year since the whole scandal thing happened, and from what I saw on Sarah's Twitter, she and Mikey are still dating, but I also noticed Alicia is still using Way as her last name instead of her own. Why do you think that is? o.O?

idk…are they officially divorced yet?? cuz i mean then it’s still her actual last name and it might be weird to change it but then again it’s p weird for her to still use it hmmm

I'm fucking tired of Mikey's stupid girlfriend and Frank's crappy bands. Why the fuck has Ray decided to ignore us all and pretend we don't exist? Is Gerard choosing to just pretend my chemical romance never happened or what?

i mean gerard isnt bc he keeps tweeting about the greatest hits thing but the rest looooool tru

you know you can change your user name in the settings

ya but why would i want to idc

If you don't like mikey than why is your tumblr nowaymikeyway??

I DO LIKE MIKEY JFC i didn’t even make up this url the person who made that post did

(if you don’t know which post i’m referring to why are you even on this blog)

Why don't you like mikey??

i do like mikey wtf

Why doesn't mikey want us to see his instagram??

bc we’re fucking creeps who would comment weird shit and he probably wants to just keep it between him and people he actually knows

Why the fuck is Sarah's twitter not private but her insta is?! What an attention whore

this would make more sense if it was the other way around lol um don’t be rude

Are you Angie Parise??

LOL no wtf if i was angie parise why would i waste my time entertaining mcr fans with speculative gossip about my friends

It's sad how you still have this blog up. I bet you don't even know their songs you just heard about them and thought it would be cool to pretend like them.

LMFAO good one i’ve liked mcr for almost 7 years now get the fuck away from me

sarah posted this just 18days ago: "Mikey licked my armpit. When you're in love you could never be overly affectionate :P But it did take me by surprise... Lolololing" (bit. ly/1gwOQO3) and mikey gave her a shoutout 4 months ago (twitter. com/mikeyway/status/342457005757317121). so i guess it sadly means he'll never be with alicia again (!!!)

i forgot to post this so damn idk how long ago this was but yea

who the hell are you?

it’s a secret~

You still there?

Wow, so looks like there’s trouble in paradise!  This blog was put up because of Mikey and him leaving his wife and getting engaged to an immature, self centered fan.

He posted “I really hate myself right now” on twitter.  He deleted it.  His gf, has now made her twitter account private, and he also deleted some posts he had retweeted of hers.

THANK GOODNESS!  I could not stand her!  All of her pics with him were of him looking at her and her looking at the camera.  I watched her vids and she has the personality of a moose.  Just trying to look pretty all the time.  I hope she is gone forever. blah!

I hope Mikey finds happiness in someone who is not as fake as her!!  I wish him all the best, because I know he was emotionally vulnerable..

sarah has a child called oliver. unsure of his father.

all i remember is that she mentioned him on formspring or whatever and that they aren’t together anymore

So is this the old stuff that used to be here? Worried about Mikey and his latest tweet that he really hates himself right now. Anyone know what is going on???

the post that originally used to be on this blog is the first post on it now, you can find it in the archive.

honestly i’m pretty unsure about anything that might be happening rn..

Don't mind about the haters, your blog is amazing. ♥ Anyway, do you happen to know is Sarah is really pregnant?

now?? idk. and thanks haha it’s really all you guys tho